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If you’re seeking to add or improve healthcare services for your community members, you can partner with Eixsys Healthcare System. This form must be filled by a designated Compliance Officer appointed by your organization.

A Compliance Officer is the primary contact between your location and Eixsys Healthcare System. HIPAA mandates that each provider office designate a Compliance Officer to be aware of the electronic storage and transmission of patient information within and from your clinic site.

Compliance Officers are responsible for adding and deactivating users from their clinic location, as well as setting access permissions for specific roles such as providers and medical assistance. If you are not the appropriate person in your clinic location to be the Compliance Officer, please ask that person to register. If you have questions, please contact us at (512) 333-0895.

Clinic Location Registration Form

I hereby confirm that I am authorized by this Provider to serve as the Compliance officer and take full responsibility to appoint and monitor our employee's access to this data. Terms and Condition